Refund Policy

Independent Customer Service

Refund Policy:
Reading refund policy of ' ' website means that you agree to and electronically sign the refund policy and terms of use and privacy policy.

First Policy:
The money you paid for the service you have requested through our official whatsapp number mentioned on " " is paid in advance and if the service is not successfully performed, the money will returned to your bank account based in reasons listed below.
• The service has not successfully performed by Bigo Live Office after 30 days from submit your request.
• The service has not successfully performed by us after 30 days from submit your request.

Second Policy:
The money will not returned in whole or in part After transferring the money to our account For the following reasons.
• Attempting to steal or endanger others accounts.
• Fraud and manipulation of any information required.
• Provide incomplete and/or non-compliant with information required.
• Account is Banned for violating the rules of the Bigo LIVE community unless the service is to unblock blocked account.
• You did not provide the required information and/or no response from you within 72 hours.
• Apply through Bigo Live directly or through a third party that does not belong to us Or the customer has resolved the problem / recovering the account or change linked phone number..
• Request a refund after informing you that your request has been sent. Or during the estimated period. Or within 30 days of sending your request.
• Transfer money by illegal or lawful means and/or by violation of the local laws of your country.
• Submitting and/or sending and/or disclose information that would endanger your account and/or theft to a third party through whatsapp and/or email and/or any ways that does not belong to us and/or not mentioned in the '' website.
• Transfer money to other bank accounts other than those indicated to you via the official whatsapp mentioned in the '' website.
• Failure and/or failure to execute the service successfully for any other reasons from your side.

Third Policy:
' ' reserves the right to change and/or modify and/or edit the Money Back Policy and/or Refund Policy at any time without prior notice and/or inform the customer and visitor before and/or after.