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BIGO SVIP Membership in Bigo Live:

You can activate SVIP membership in Bigo Live by subscribe to one of SVIP types and enjoying Bigo Live unique and exclusive benefits and privileges which gives you many unique advantages over other users such as unblock banned accounts, change BIGO ID, change fan medal, remove beans from the profile, prevents kick-out and mute in other Live Room, fast level up and appear in top of trend page and more of exclusive benefits and privileges.

What is in Bigo SVIP?

Bigo SVIP Membership in Bigo Live makes you a unique user with exclusive privileges, and the SVIP Member can get points every month to spend it on the exclusive benefits and privileges (all exclusive privileges mentioned below). Also SVIP Member can get huge discount when diamonds top-up and also fast level up (30% faster than other users). SVIP Members can be activated for 30 days or more (up to 12 months at once).

How to get BIGO SVIP?

You can activate BIGO SVIP Membership in Bigo Live by buying an SVIP Bigo Account or subscribe for one of the SVIP Membership types below. SVIP Membership can be activated for 1 month minimum (30 days) and must be renewed before the period ends to keep on benefits and privileges as long as you are Bigo SVIP member.

To subscribe with your current account click on ( Request ) beside SVIP type below.

SVIP types and subscription prices:

SVIP 1 Copra:
Points: 300
Price: 300 USD [ Request ]
SVIP 2 Wolf:
Points: 500
Price: 500 USD [ Request ]
SVIP 3 Tiger:
Points: 750
Price: 750 USD [ Request ]
SVIP 4 Lion:
Points: 1000
Price: 1000 USD [ Request ]
SVIP 5 Falcon:
Points: 2000
Price: 1500 USD [ Request ]

Special offer:

You can buy Bigo Live account level 36 sender (gifter account with 0 beans received) for 300 USD. +1 313 466 6647
NOTE: 1 Account left.
Click here for more accounts for sale.

Bigo SVIP Benefits and Privileges:

Unblock Banned Accounts.
Change BIGO IDs and fan medals.
Remove beans from profile.
Anonymous Visitor.
Anonymous sender.
Background Booster.
Badge Supporter.
Entrance effect.
Prevent mute in the chat.
Prevent kick-out from Live Room's.
Prevent receiving support/beans.
Fast level up 30% faster.
Hide support from the list of contributors.
Mystery man in Live Room's.
Bullet commentary in the chat.
Premium chat bubble.
Hide beans support.
Prevent receiving beans in your live or in guests.
Recharge discount coupons.
Monthly bonuses and beans.
Remove all kinds of banned classes A, B and Z.
Appears in the top trend page ( Top of Home page).
More features, benefits and privileges come soon.

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