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Bigo Live Agency

If you want to start your own agency and recruit hosts to earn extra money, here you can submit your application for Bigo Agency.

Bigo Live Agency registration allows you to apply for Bigo Live Agency in the USA and other countries easily with minimum of requirements.
If you want to start a business and make money on Bigo Live from working with hosts and have enough KOLs/artist's/celebrity resources, talented and charismatic friends. Here is what you need to start your business and apply for a bigo live agency.

Hint: Did you know that having a higher level on BIGO can help you attract more hosts than lower levels? Also, you can register an agency for free if you buy an account, Look at this list of available BIGO accounts for sale

How to apply for agency

  1. Click on "Register Now"
  2. Fill out the form as required
  3. Our team will review and process your request
  4. NOTE: Make sure to fill out the form as required.
You can message our support team on WhatsApp +13133800028 - Service fees apply.

Service Details

  • Service name: Register Bigo Agency.

  • Agency type: Local Agency.
  • One-Time fees: 145 US Dollar.
  • Profits: 20% per host.

  • Agency type: Over Region Agency.
  • One-Time fees: 175 US Dollar.
  • Profits: 25% per host.

  • Agency type: International Agency.
  • One-Time fees: 225 US Dollar.
  • Profits: 30% per host.

  • Payment options: Payoneer - Bank transfer - USDT (Crypto).

Frequently Asked Questions.

What are agencies on Bigo?
Agency means a registered agent who has the ability to recruit hosts on Bigo Live.
What are the benefits of an agency?
You can get 20%-30% of each host working under your agency of their monthly income.
How do I apply for an agency?
By contacting us and applying for an agency.
What is the difference between agency types?
Local Agency: can recruit hosts in your country.
Over Region Agency: can recruit hosts in your region.
International Agency: can recruit hosts from any country.
How long it takes the agency to be ready?
Usually, take 14-30 working days, but in some cases may take longer. Make sure that you completed your request on time to avoid delays.
What is Bigo Live Help email and phone number?
You can chat us or email us on:
WhatsApp: +13133800028
Make sure you explain your message and write your Bigo ID. Otherwise will be ignored.
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