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Bigo Live Agency:

If you want to start a business and recruit talented and charismatic hosts and help plan their streams, this is your opportunity.
Bigo Live Agencies registration allows you to apply for Bigo Live Agency in the USA and other regions easily with minimum of requirements.

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How to start Bigo Live Agency

If you want to start a business and make money on Bigo Live from working with hosts and have enough KOLs/artist’s/celebrity resources, talented and charismatic friends. Here is what you need to start your business and apply for a bigo live agency.
Message us via our official whatsapp after reading service details below.

Fee and service details:

Service name: Bigo Live Agency Application
Service fees: 120$ USD
Service type: Paid Service (Not Free).
Quantity: Only once.
Payment option: Payoneer - PayPal

Message us via our official Whatsapp:

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Apply for a Bigo Live Agency

To apply for Bigo Live Agency and become recruiter on Bigo Live you must have all requirements that needs to work with hosts and help them with their stream plans.

• Have account on Bigo Live.
• Have whatsapp number and email.
• Have enough time for your hosts.
• Have Bank accounts (Payoneer/PayPal/Local Bank).
• Have the ability to bring in talented streams.

If you think that you meet the above requirements, do not wait any longer and apply for Bigo Live Agency today.

Service Estimated Time:

Register your Bigo Live Agency it may take 7 working days after completing the requirements.
Note: In some cases it may take longer.