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Delete Bigo Live Account

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Delete Bigo Live Account

Account deletion allows you to delete Bigo Live account and erase all your data and information from Bigo Live permanently, including the information that you will provide with your request.

Account deletion cannot be canceled or reversed once processed, submit your request carefully.

Account Deletion

If you want to delete your Bigo Live account and erase all your information permanently whether you have another account or you are no longer using Bigo Live, here you can submit your request to delete Bigo Live account.

How to delete your Account

  1. Click on "Account Deletion"
  2. Follow the instructions
  3. Our team support will process your request

How to delete bigo account?

Click on "Account Deletion", fill out the form and submit your request. Our team will review your request and processed for deletion. If your account can't be accessed, hacked, banned or blocked you will pay service fees to process your deletion request.

Why should you delete Bigo Live account?

Deleting a Bigo Live account holds paramount importance for both personal and platform-related reasons. On an individual level, it ensures privacy by erasing personal data and guarding against potential misuse or privacy breaches. This action empowers users to take control of their digital presence, determining the extent of information available online. Moreover, eliminating a Bigo Live account can contribute to the overall security of the platform. By reducing the number of inactive accounts, the platform can better allocate resources, enhance user experience, and mitigate potential security risks associated with abandoned profiles. In essence, the decision to delete a Bigo Live account is not only a measure to protect personal privacy but also a proactive step toward fostering a safer and more efficient digital environment.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How to delete my Bigo account?
By sending your BIGO ID and delete reason we will start the deletion process for you as you've requested. The deletion process cannot be stopped, canceled, or undo it.
What will happen after deletion?
After that, you will no longer be able to use the account and/or access the information of your account permanently after deletion is completed.
How to recover deleted Bigo account?
Unfortunately, deleted Bigo account cannot be recovered once the deletion is completed.
But you can request recovery service: Recover Bigo Live Account, and see the result.
How long it takes to delete Bigo Account?
Usually, take 7 working days, but in some cases may take longer. That is because we manually handling the deletion process.
What is Bigo Live Help email and phone number?
To contact BIGO LIVE support on WhatsApp, Email and contact form visit this page:
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