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Delete Bigo Live Account

Delete Bigo Live

If you want to delete your Bigo Live account and erase all your information permanently whether you have another account or you are no longer using Bigo Live, here you can submit your request to remove Bigo Live account.

Deletion process

In order to delete your Bigo Account and remove all your information permanently you must understand that the deletion process cannot be canceled or undone once it's processed.

How to delete Bigo Account

  1. Contact us on WhatsApp.
  2. Write your BIGO ID.
  3. Follow instructions that we sent to you.
  4. Note: Make sure you can access the account.
If the button doesn't work you can copy the number: +13134666647

Frequently Asked Questions.

How to delete my Bigo account?
By sending your BIGO ID and delete reason we will start the deletion process for you as you've requested. The deletion process cannot be stopped, canceled, or undo it.
What will happen after deletion?
After that, you will no longer be able to use the account and/or access the information of your account permanently after deletion is completed.
How to recover deleted Bigo account?
Unfortunately, deleted Bigo account cannot be recovered once the deletion is completed.
But you can request recovery service: Recover Bigo Live Account, and see the result.
How long it takes to delete Bigo Account?
Usually, take 7 working days, but in some cases may take longer. That is because we manually handling the deletion process.
What is Bigo Live Help email and phone number?
You can chat us or email us on:
WhatsApp: +13134666647
Make sure you explain your message and write your Bigo ID. Otherwise will be ignored.
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