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Remove Bigo Live Beans

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Remove Bigo Live Beans

If you want to remove BIGO LIVE beans from your account profile and contribute list. Follow the instructions below.

You can remove received beans and clear the contribution list to 0 beans received on your BIGO LIVE account profile without removing the actual beans that were received in your wallet.

This service will make your profile look like a supporter (Gifter) BIGO account with no beans received. Whether your account has been received beans in the LIVE room or in the guest's room.

How to remove BIGO beans

  1. Click on "Request Now"
  2. Read and follow the instructions
  3. Submit your request
  4. Your application will be reviewed and processed if it meets the requirements
Make sure that you have read and comply with the instructions. Otherwise, your request will be rejected.

Service Details

  • Service name: Remove BIGO Beans
  • Service Fees: 145 US Dollar.
  • Payment options: Available.
  • Guaranteed: Yes.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What are beans in BIGO LIVE?

Beans in BIGO LIVE is a virtual currency that you can receive from gifts, activities, and events. Beans can be exchanged for Diamonds or cash out real money.

How do I remove beans from my BIGO account?

You can remove Beans by exchanging them for Diamonds or Money. But the number of beans received in total will appear on your BIGO profile and anyone can know that you have received beans and see who supported you in the contribution list.

How do I remove beans from the contribution list on BIGO?

You can remove the received beans count and clear the contribution list to 0 beans received without affecting your actual beans in your BIGO wallet. To do that follow the instructions above.

How long does it take to create my BIGO LIVE family?

Usually takes 24-48 hours.
Make sure that you have request as described. Otherwise, your application will be rejected.

How do I contact BIGO LIVE Help?

To contact BIGO LIVE support on WhatsApp, Email and contact form visit this page:

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