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Bigo Live Banned Account:

If your Bigo Live account has been banned due to breaking Bigo Live rules and community guidelines, and you need a second chance to unblock your Bigo Banned Account. You can order this service and get your account back to live again.
Please: read service fees below - this service is not free.

Philippines offer only:

Unblock Banned Account (Class A & B) for 100 USD. To request +1 313 466 6647

Start Live Chat with Bigo Support:

Send your message with your BIGO ID to our official whatsapp number.

Attention: We don't Accept Calls - Only message.
• By contacting us, you agree to the terms of use and privacy policy.

Service details:

Service name: Bigo Live Banned Account.
Service fees:
Class A Permanently 175 US Dollar.
Class B Temporarily: 120 US Dollar.
Serious Violation Ban: 225 US Dollar.
# Note: fees may change based on the violation level.
Service type: Paid Service (Not Free).
Quantity: Once per request.
Payment options:
• Payoneer Bank
• Direct Payment Channel

Bigo Live Banned Account types

If you break Bigo Live rules and community guideline, your account on Bigo Live will be banned based on the violation level which is:

B Class: Temporarily Banned 10 Minutes to 30 days.
A Class: Permanently Banned 10 Years.
Z Class: Serious violation 10-20 Years.

How to remove banned from Bigo Live account ?

To remove the ban from your bigo live account, you can message us via official whatsapp number and complete your request to remove Bigo Live Ban.

How to open bigo live banned account ?

You can't open a Bigo Live banned account through the bigo live app, you must remove the ban from your bigo live account first and that can be done by request our service or follow instructions via self-unbanning service above.

Service Estimated Time:

Unblock Banned Bigo Live Account usually takes 3 to 7 business days based on service type. The duration subject to the service you requesting so it can be within 3 hours only.

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