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Bigo Live Banned Account

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Bigo Live Banned Account

If your BIGO LIVE account has been banned due to breaking BIGO community rules and guidelines, you can recover it to normal status and remove the ban from your BIGO LIVE account and your phone device.

You can unban your BIGO LIVE account whether you have broken BIGO community rules and guidelines, or for any other reasons.

How to unbanned BIGO?

  1. Click on "Request".
  2. Fill out the form by following the instructions.
  3. Our team support will process your request once they validate your request.
Make sure that you have read and comply with the instructions. Otherwise, your request will be rejected.

Service Details

  • Service name: Unban Bigo Live Account.
  • Service fee: Banned Class A 175 USD.
  • Service fee: Banned Class B 145 USD.
  • Service fee: Content Banned 120 USD.
  • Payment options: Available.
  • Guaranteed: Yes.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I unblock BIGO banned account?

You can use this service to unbanned your BIGO LIVE account, whether you believe that you have been banned for no reason or for a reason.

Can I remove BIGO ban?

Yes, you can remove BIGO ban and recover your account to normal status with this service.

Is this service guaranteed?

Yes, it's guaranteed. as well as all our services.

How do I use my banned BIGO account?

To log in and use your BIGO-banned account, you have to remove the ban first from the account and the phone device as well. In order to do that you need this service first which can remove your ban from both your account and phone device.

How to recover Bigo Live banned account?

You can recover your BIGO LIVE banned account once you have removed the ban from the account and your smartphone.

How long it takes to unban BIGO?

Usually takes 24-48 working hours. Once your BIGO account has been unbanned, you can log in and use it normally.

Why do I have to pay to unban my BIGO account?

You pay a service fee in order to remove and unban your BIGO LIVE account with a guaranteed result, which will allow you to use BIGO LIVE again.

How do I contact BIGO LIVE Help?

To contact BIGO LIVE support on WhatsApp, Email and contact form visit this page:

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