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Frozen Balance:

If your Bigo Live account balance is frozen and you can't exchange beans or can't send diamonds,, there are three reasons why this happened. See the reasons below.

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Frozen Diamonds

If you try to send gifts or diamonds in live room you will see this message "Your balance has been frozen". That means your diamonds have been frozen and you can't send gifts or diamonds to anyone in the live room, whether to the broadcaster or the guests, also you will not be able to use your diamonds to play games or exchange them with rewards and gifts.

Frozen Beans

If you try to exchange diamonds or exchange rewards in your Bigo Live account wallet you will see this message "Your account has been frozen, so you can't be exchanged for rewards now". That means your beans have been frozen and you can't exchange your beans to diamonds or withdraw beans to cash, also you will not be able to exchange beans for rewards.

Why is my Bigo Live balance frozen ?

There are three reasons that lead to freezing your balance "Diamonds and Beans" in Bigo Live. You must know which reason that led to the freezing of your balance so that you can solve the problem and unfreeze your balance:

Payment refund:

If you request a payment refund that will result in a frozen balance, both of diamonds and beans.

Illegal Beans:

If you receive beans and gifts from a user who made a Payment refund or the user reports that gifts are unauthorized. Your balance will be frozen.

Unofficial recharge channel:

If you recharge or receive diamonds through unofficial channels, that will result in a frozen balance and it may lead to your account being banned permanently.

How to unfreeze Bigo Live balance ?

You have to know first that if your Bigo Live balance has been frozen several times you may not be able to unfreeze it. So try to not get frozen balance again by avoiding unofficial recharge channels and/or make payment refunds.

To unfreeze your Bigo Live balance you must contact our Bigo Live Support Team on whatsapp +13134666647, they will lead you to the right way to unfreeze your account balance.

You can also submit your request automatically by clicking on the ( Click here to unfreeze Now ) button at the top of this page and follow the instructions.

When will the balance be unfrozen ?

If your Bigo Live balance has an equal amount of diamonds or beans that need to be deducted after submitting your request to Bigo Live Team Support, the system will deduct those diamonds or beans automatically. This is usually done during 48 hours upto 72 hours.

Have questions about Bigo Live frozen balance ?

If you have any questions or inquiry you can write a comment below and we will be glad to assist you sooner. or you can message us if there is a private personal issue.