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Change Bigo ID

If you have changed your BIGO ID and want to reset it to a numerical Bigo id or change it to a different name, here you can submit your request to reset it to a numerical id, which you can change it anytime to any id you like.

Bigo live change account id service allows you to change your bigo live account id and recover it to the original numerical bigo id. If you wrote your Bigo ID incorrectly the first time, or there was a mistake in pronunciation or a misspelling in letters. Here we give you another opportunity to fix your Bigo ID.

How to change Bigo ID

  1. Contact us on Whatsapp.
  2. Write your BIGO ID.
  3. Follow instructions that we sent to you.
If the button doesn't work you can copy the number: +13133800028

Service Details

  • Service name: Remove Beans
  • Fees: 140 US Dollar.
  • Payment options: Wise - Payoneer - Bank transfer.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How many times I can change my Bigo ID?
You can change your Bigo ID only once the first time from a numerical ID to a custom Bigo ID. After that, you need to request paid service as described above.
I set the wrong Bigo ID
Unfortunately, once you've set your custom Bigo ID and clicked on confirm you cannot undo or delete it. And, in order to change it for the second time you'll need to request paid service as described above.
Can I change my Bigo ID several times?
With paid service, you can change your Bigo ID only once every 30 days. You will need to pay for the service every time you want to change your Bigo ID.
What is Bigo Live Help email and phone number?
You can chat us or email us on:
WhatsApp: +13133800028
Make sure you explain your message and write your Bigo ID. Otherwise will be ignored.
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