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If you looking to become an official host on BIGO LIVE and earn money and a monthly salary. This is the right place for you to share your talents and your topics with viewers and earn money at the same time.

Anyone can be a host on BIGO LIVE, you can make money from gifts that are sent to you during your broadcast. The more popular you are, the more gifts you’ll receive. And finally, these gifts will turn into the same amount of beans that you can cash out.

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Become BIGO Official Host

Becoming an official host can give you more privileges than a regular host, for which you can earn a monthly salary, appear on the top of the trend page, more views, more gifts, and more attention. BIGO LIVE has created many Influencers and KOL's around the world from Asia to Europe, and gave the opportunity to everyone equally to become what they want in social media and streaming platforms.

How to apply for BIGO Host?

If you believe that you can be an influencer or KOL's one day and you want to be an official host, you can apply here as an official host with a contract with BIGO LIVE. Anyone can apply if above 18+ years old.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is BIGO Host?

Anyone broadcasting on BIGO LIVE platform is a BIGO Host.

What is BIGO Official Host?

Anyone who signs a contract with BIGO LIVE to broadcast on the platform for a monthly salary is a BIGO Official Host.

What is the difference between an official host and other hosts?

BIGO official hosts can get more privileges besides cashing out the beans that they received, they get monthly salaries (which can be increased) based on the target levels, monthly goals, and activities they hit during the month. They can also get more attention and support from BIGO LIVE and they can appear on the trend page and go to BIGO special events, and more.

How can I become a host on BIGO?

You can sign up as BIGO LIVE official host directly with BIGO LIVE or through official agencies that can meet your requirements.
To sign up as an official host directly visit:
To sign up as an official host through official agencies, find the agency you want and contact the manager.

What are the host requirements on BIGO?

Generally, anyone can be a host on BIGO LIVE as long as

  • You are 18+
  • Have an account
  • Not registered yet as a host on BIGO

How do you get paid on BIGO?

You can get paid on BIGO in three different ways:

  1. From gifts that are sent to you during your broadcast, these gifts will turn into the same amount of beans that you can cash out to money.
  2. Achieving your monthly goals to get a higher salary by the end of the month.
  3. Become a BIGO agent recruit hosts and gain monthly profits up to 30% of each host you bring to BIGO LIVE as an official host work with your agency.

You can work on those three methods at the same time to get paid on BIGO and expand your profits.

What is the difference between BIGO and BIGO agencies?

There is not much difference between both, An agency program has been made to make the communication between the hosts and BIGO easier, which allows you to communicate with a person in your language, understand your needs, and help you with your broadcast plans.

BIGO Agency can also have more resources and experience in your area which you can benefit from it. So choose the appropriate agency for you before signing a contract by asking the current hosts who work with the agency.

Can I become a BIGO host and agent at the same time?

Yes, you can. Working as an official host does not prevent you from being an agent and expanding your profits on BIGO LIVE. But you must comply with your duties as a host and agent at the same time.
To become BIGO Agent visit:

How do I contact BIGO LIVE Help?

To contact BIGO LIVE support on WhatsApp, Email and contact form visit this page:

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