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Bigo Live Broadcaster - Bigo Live Host

Start working in Bigo Live as a broadcaster and earn monthly salary may reach upto $1500.
Registering as a host in Bigo Live today and complete your monthly target to get monthly salary from bigo live.

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How to sign up for Bigo Live Host?

To become a Bigo Live Host you must contact us with your information via email address below. One of our agents will be in touch with you shortly to arrange pre-requirements to register you as Bigo Live Host and scheduling bigo live auditions.

Required information:

Send us required information below to arrange your registration as Bigo Live Broadcaster:
• Your BIGO ID.
• First and last name.
• Country and city.
Registration fees: 120 US Dollar (one time).
Payment options:
• Payoneer Bank
• PayPal Bank
• Skrill Bank
• Binance BUSD/BTC.
You must create Payoneer Account from here: Create Account Now

Special Offer:

Buy Bigo Live Account Level 34, 36, 38, 45, 46, SVIP and more.

Contact us:

Send your message with your BIGO ID to our official whatsapp number.

Attention: We don't Accept Calls - Only message.
• By contacting us, you agree to the terms of use and privacy policy.

Apply Bigo Live Paid Host

Bigo Live Paid Host means Bigo Live will pay you a monthly salary for your streaming on the platform as long as you provide good and valuable content and get gifts from viewers.
• Monthly salaries are subject to the monthly target.

If you would like to apply for Bigo Live Host today you can write to us on whatsapp: +13134666647
Please note: applying within 24 hours - scheduling Auditions within 7 working days.

Host benefits:

Broadcasting on Bigo Live gives you huge benefits and here is some of it.
• Monthly salary.
• Monthly rewards and prizes.
• Appearing on the trends page.
• Broadcasting on Bigo Live House.
• Working anytime anywhere.
• Fame, gifts and more.

Service Estimated Time:

Registration of Bigo Live Host may take 7-14 working days (or more) for review and approval.