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Bigo Live Family Group Creation:

Create your own Bigo Live family group in your region and invite your friends on Bigo live to join your family group. Fight with them as a brave leader. Defeat the other families in your region to make your family reach the top of monthly honor list and bring your group to fame.

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Fee and service details:

Service name: Family Group Creation
Service fees: 120$ USD
Service type: Paid Service (Not Free).
Quantity: Once per request.
Payment option: Payoneer Bank - PayPal Bank

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How to Start or Join a Family On BIGO LIVE ?

To start your Bigo Live family group on Bigo Live you must have account level 10 or above and 7-10 members ready to join you at first. message us via whatsapp number above to create your own bigo live family.

How do i start new bigo live family group ?

If you want to start new family group on bigo live read requirements below and message us via whatsapp number to start your new bigo live family group.

How to apply for family group ?

To apply for your own family group, read requirements and message us via our whatsapp number above with your Bigo ID and desired family name. We will respond to you with the appropriate steps to create your own family group in bigo live.
Conditions and requirements:
• Your account level 10 or above.
• You are not part of any other family.
• You have at first 7 to 10 members (minimum).
• Your members must be ready to join you.
• Your members must be not part of another family group.
• You and your members must be located at same region.
• You have phone number registered to Whatsapp service.
USA and Canada users can apply as a same region.

How to apply for Family Badge in Bigo Live?

You can get the family badge in Bigo Live by joining any of the existing families in Bigo Live and the badge will appear on your profile in seconds, or start your own family group on Bigo Live and have your own family badge in Bigo Live by message us via whatsapp to claim your own family badge.
Having your own family badge will allow other users joining you and show your family badge on their profiles in Bigo Live, that will makes your family group grow up faster and more famous.

Service Estimated Time:

If you completed the requirements your family group will be created within 2 business days. The duration may increase in some cases.

To learn more about Families in Bigo Live visit: What is Family in Bigo Live ?.