What is Family in Bigo Live

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What is Family in Bigo Live ?

Bigo Live Family Group is a group of members who support each other to reach their monthly target or (goals), it's also they helping each other making plans for their next streaming and how they can get more followers, supporters and making challenges with other families in Bigo Live platform.

What are families for at Bigo Live ?

Families idea was created to help the broadcasters find support and fame easily in a mutual help among the family members. Families can help the broadcasters gather other broadcasters as allies, supporters, followers and viewers in his/her family group more than individual broadcasters. By doing family challenges against other families and collecting more beans and family points that can be used for many privileges.

Can I join a family in Bigo Live ?

You can easily join any existing families and start work with the family members to reach their goals whether as a broadcast or as a supporter to support your favorite broadcasters.

You must know that: each family has a Founder who created and Co-founder. The founder and Co-founder can decide whether to accept/invite you to join the family or not, based on the requirements of the interest of the family and its members to reach their goals.
Advice: If you are willing to join an existing family choose a family that meets your requirements to help you reach your goals along with family goals.

Can I start a family in Bigo Live ?

Any user can start a family group in Bigo Live if it meets family creation requirements such as Account level 13 and above, and have 10 members ready to join the family at first. (requirements are easy).

To request start your own family group in Bigo Live visit: Bigo Live Family Group Creation.

How to get a family badge in Bigo Live ?

Anyone can have a family name badge on Bigo Live by joining an already existing family or by creating a new family group.
• Family badge will appear on your profile within minutes if you join an existing family.
• Family badge will appear on your profile once your new family has been created within 2 days.

How to leave a family group ?

You can leave your current family group in the family section on your profile by clicking on quit family.

Can I join more than one family in Bigo ?

No, you can't join more than one family group on Bigo Live or creating more than 1 family in Bigo Live.
However, you can leave your current family group to be able to join another family group in Bigo Live.

Have questions About families in Bigo Live ?

If you have any questions or inquiry you can write a comment below and we will be glad to assist you sooner. or you can email us if there is a private personal issue.