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Recover Bigo Live Account

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Recover Bigo Live Account

If you lost access to your BIGO LIVE account or have been hacked, stolen, or forgot login information such as phone number and password. You can retrieve your BIGO LIVE account by contacting us in order to recover it for you.

When you lose access to your BIGO LIVE account for any reason such as forgetting login information, being hacked, or being stolen from you. Contact us immediately so we can help you recover your BIGO LIVE account.

How to recover BIGO LIVE account

  1. Click on "Request" or "Self-Recovery".
  2. Provide required information.
  3. Follow the instructions as described.
  4. Our team support will process your request.
Read the service description below before requesting - Service fees apply.

What is Self-Recovery?

This option allows you to recover your BIGO LIVE account instantly by yourself, you must provide the correct information to process your request automatically without delay to recover your account.
This option is recommended if you want to recover your account in a few minutes.

Service Details

  • Service name: Recover BIGO LIVE Account.
  • Service fee: Start from 120 USD.
  • Payment options: Available.
  • Guaranteed: Yes.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I recover my BIGO LIVE account?

Send your request to our support team on WhatsApp including your BIGO ID, and follow the instructions that we send to you.

How do I recover a hacked/stolen BIGO account?

If your BIGO LIVE has been hacked, or stolen or someone accessed it without your authorization, you must contact us immediately so we can help you recover it and recover any diamonds or beans that may be lost during the hacked time.

How do I find my BIGO ID?

Open the BIGO LIVE app, and go to your profile to find your BIGO ID under your picture. Also, you can go to your profile settings and you will find your BIGO ID under your nickname started with (ID:).

How do I reset BIGO LIVE password?

In order to reset your BIGO LIVE password, your account must be linked to a reachable phone number. If your linked phone number can't be used, expired, or can't receive a verification code visit this page: .

How long it takes to recover a BIGO LIVE account?

Usually recovering a BIGO LIVE account takes 2-3 working days to recover your BIGO LIVE account and gain access again.

Why do I have to pay to recover my BIGO LIVE account?

You pay a service fee in order to recover your BIGO LIVE account with a guaranteed result. As this is a paid service we will respond and process your request within a few hours instead of days, and recover your account within 2-3 working days. Your request will be given high priority to be processed as quickly as possible with 24/7 support on WhatsApp.

How do I contact BIGO LIVE Help?

To contact BIGO LIVE support on WhatsApp, Email and contact form visit this page:

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