Recover Bigo Live Account

Bigo Live Customer Services

Recover Bigo Live Account:

To recover bigo live account whether it has been lost, stolen or hacked by someone else, still you can retrieve your bigo live account. And to recover your bigo live account contact us through our official whatsapp number below:

Philippines offer only:

You can change BIGO ID for 100 USD. To request +1 313 466 6647

Start Live Chat with Bigo Support:

Send your message with your BIGO ID to our official whatsapp number.

Attention: We don't Accept Calls - Only message.
• By contacting us, you agree to the terms of use and privacy policy.

Fee and service details:

Service name: Recover Bigo Live Account.
Service fees: Starts from $85 USD.
Service type: Paid Service (Not Free).
Quantity: Once per request.
Payment options:
• Payoneer Bank - PayPal Bank
• [Visa - Mastercard - American Express]

How to recover your Bigo Live account ?

To recover your Bigo Live account you must contact us via official whatsapp number above and provide your Bigo ID, we will help you to retrieve your Bigo live account.

How to login to bigo live account ?

If you can't login to your Bigo Live account because you have lost access or login information such as (forget password, phone number or email) you can reset your password and login information by contacting us on our official whatsapp number above.

How to remove Bigo Live Banned ?

If your Bigo Live has been banned and you want remove banned from your Bigo Live account, visit this page: Bigo Live Banned Account

I can't login to Bigo Live ?

If you can't login to your Bigo Live account because you forget login information or password, contact us on whatsapp number above and we will help you to recover your account and login to Bigo Live.

Estimated Time:

Recovering Bigo Live Account usually takes 48 hour to 3 business days. The duration may increase in some cases.