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How to start Bigo Family:

You can start your own family on Bigo Live and invites your friends to join your family group in Bigo Live App.

Apply for bigo family group and start PK's challengs with your family members against other families. Hit your monthly target and win lots of prizes with your family members.

Start Live Chat with Bigo Support:

Send your message with your BIGO ID to our official whatsapp number.

Attention: We don't Accept Calls - Only message.
• By contacting us, you agree to the terms of use and privacy policy.

Apply for bigo family founder:

Read requirements below in order to create your bigo live family group and write to us on Whatsapp above.

• Account level 10 or above.
• Family name.
• Whatsapp number.
• eMail address.
• 7 members.
• Family picture.
Applying fees: $120 US Dollar.
Payment options:
• Payoneer / Wise.
• [Visa - Mastercard]

Estimated Time:

Bigo Family creation may take 24 hours to 3 working days.

To learn more about Families in Bigo Live visit: What is Family in Bigo Live ?.