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What is Bigo Live?

Bigo Live, a premier live streaming platform, has carved out a niche for itself in the competitive world of digital entertainment. With millions of users worldwide, it offers a dynamic space for individuals to broadcast their talents, interact with audiences, and monetize their content. Central to this ecosystem are Bigo Live Agencies, which play a crucial role in recruiting and supporting hosts. This article explores what a Bigo Live Agency is, how agents can earn money by recruiting hosts, and how they assist hosts in planning their live streams for maximum success.

What is a Bigo Live Agency?

A Bigo Live Agency is an official partner of Bigo Live, responsible for recruiting new hosts to join the platform and supporting them throughout their streaming journey. These agencies act as intermediaries, ensuring that hosts are well-prepared, motivated, and equipped with the necessary tools to succeed on Bigo Live. Furthermore, agencies are rewarded based on the performance of the hosts they recruit, making it a mutually beneficial relationship.

How Agents Earn Money by Recruiting Hosts

Agents, who work under Bigo Live Agencies, have a significant role in scouting and onboarding new talent. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how agents can earn money through this process:

1. Recruitment of Hosts

The primary responsibility of an agent is to identify potential hosts. These could be individuals with unique talents, engaging personalities, or a strong desire to interact with a global audience. Consequently, agents look for hosts who can consistently create high-quality content and attract viewers.

2. Onboarding Process

Once a potential host is identified, the agent assists them in setting up their Bigo Live account. This includes helping with the registration process, explaining the platform’s rules and guidelines, and ensuring the new host understands how to use Bigo Live’s features effectively.

3. Training and Support

To maximize the success of their recruits, agents provide training sessions. These sessions cover various aspects of live streaming, such as content creation, audience engagement, and monetization strategies. Additionally, agents offer ongoing support, answering questions and providing feedback to help hosts improve their broadcasts.

4. Performance Monitoring

Agents monitor the performance of their hosts regularly. This involves tracking metrics such as viewer count, engagement levels, and earnings. By keeping a close eye on these metrics, agents can offer tailored advice to help hosts optimize their content and increase their earnings.

5. Incentives and Bonuses

Bigo Live offers a range of incentives and bonuses based on the performance of hosts. These incentives can be in the form of cash bonuses, virtual gifts, or additional exposure on the platform. Agents earn a commission based on the total earnings of their recruited hosts. Thus, the more successful the hosts, the higher the commission for the agent.

How Agents Help Hosts Plan Their Live Streams

Planning and executing successful live streams is key to a host’s success on Bigo Live. Agents play a pivotal role in this planning process. Here’s how they assist:

1. Content Strategy Development

Agents help hosts develop a content strategy that aligns with their strengths and interests. This strategy includes identifying the type of content (e.g., music, dance, gaming, talk shows), the frequency of streams, and the best times to go live based on audience demographics.

2. Audience Engagement Techniques

Effective audience engagement is crucial for retaining viewers and building a loyal fan base. Agents train hosts on various engagement techniques, such as responding to comments, hosting interactive sessions (e.g., Q&A, polls), and encouraging viewers to send virtual gifts.

3. Utilizing Bigo Live Features

Bigo Live offers numerous features to enhance the streaming experience. Agents ensure that hosts are familiar with these features, including multi-guest rooms, virtual effects, and PK battles. Using these tools effectively can make streams more entertaining and attract a larger audience.

4. Promotional Activities

Agents assist hosts in promoting their streams through social media and other channels. They may help design promotional materials, suggest effective marketing tactics, and coordinate with Bigo Live’s promotional campaigns to increase visibility.

5. Feedback and Improvement

After each live stream, agents provide constructive feedback to hosts. This feedback covers various aspects, such as content quality, engagement levels, and technical performance. By continuously refining their approach, hosts can improve their streams and attract more viewers.


Bigo Live Agencies play a critical role in the platform’s ecosystem, bridging the gap between Bigo Live and its hosts. Agents within these agencies earn money by recruiting and supporting hosts, helping them navigate the platform, develop effective content strategies, and engage with their audience. Through comprehensive training and ongoing support, agents ensure that their hosts are well-prepared to succeed on Bigo Live, ultimately benefiting both the hosts and the agents themselves.

For those interested in joining a Bigo Live Agency or becoming an agent, the opportunities are vast and rewarding. By leveraging their skills in talent recruitment and content strategy, agents can build a thriving career while contributing to the growth and success of their recruited hosts on Bigo Live.

Choose The Best Agency Type For You


Domestic Agency

A Bigo Live Domestic Agency allows you to recruit, train, and support local hosts on Bigo Live, enhancing their streaming success and viewer engagement through localized expertise and tailored assistance within your country only.

  • Profits rate: 20% on each host.
  • Registration fees: 145 USD - Paid only once.

Regional Agency

A Bigo Live Regional Agency allows you to recruit, train, and support hosts within your region, providing tailored guidance and localized expertise to enhance their streaming success and viewer engagement on the platform.

  • Profits rate: 25% on each host.
  • Registration fees: 175 USD - Paid only once.

International Agency

A Bigo Live International Agency allows you to recruit, train, and support hosts globally, offering comprehensive training, multi-language assistance, and strategic guidance to enhance their streaming success and engagement across diverse international audiences.

  • Profits rate: 30% on each host.
  • Registration fees: 225 USD - Paid only once.
Reseller Agency

Diamonds Reseller Agency

A Bigo Live Reseller Agency allows you to recruit hosts and resell Bigo Live Diamonds, providing training, support, and strategic guidance to enhance hosts' streaming success and maximize their earnings on the platform.

  • Profits rate: 30% on each host - 40% on diamonds selling.
  • Registration fees: 750 USD - Paid only once.
Agency LLC

Bigo Live Agency LLC Company

Bigo Live Agency LLC Company allows you to recruit hosts globally with your own contracts and sell Bigo Live Diamonds, providing training, support, and strategic guidance to enhance hosts' streaming success and maximize their earnings on the platform. In addition, you will be able to create your own contracts between your own LLC Company and your hosts. Besides your Agency will have administration privileges which will allow you to monitor and administer Live's room.

  • Profits rate: 30% on each host - 40% on diamonds selling.
  • Privileges: Operate your agency separately, and create your own contracts - and pay out your hosts through your LLC Company payment channels - Full control of your agency.
  • Registration fees: 2750 USD - Paid only once.
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