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Bigo Live Help

Welcome to Bigo Live Help and Customer Service. Here we can provide the help you need with your Bigo Live account. Our support team can assist you on WhatsApp and Email around the clock (24/7 Support).

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Buy Bigo Live Account

Guaranteed Instant Pay Fast Delivery

If you are looking to buy a Bigo Live Account, here you can buy high-level accounts for the lowest prices safely with zero risk. We have a wide range of accounts for sale.


Recover Bigo Live Account

Bigo Log in Retrieve Account Recover Account

If your account has been lost, hacked, or can't be accessed. Here you can recover your Bigo Live account and get access again.


Change Bigo Live Phone Number

Phone Number Retrieve Account Recover Account

If you want to change or update your phone number. Here you can change and update your Bigo Live linked phone number easily. This service can help you if your phone number expired or can't be reached anymore.


Start Bigo Live Family

Bigo Family Create Family on Bigo Bigo Families

If you want to start a family group. Here you can create and start your Bigo Live Family in a few steps and enjoy in families events and pk challenges.


Bigo Live Agency Registration

Bigo Agency Bigo Agent Bigo Agencies

BIGO LIVE Agency, register your own Bigo Live agency and start recruiting hosts on Bigo Live to earn a monthly salary. Become Bigo Live Agent today and earn monthly profits.


Activate Bigo SVIP

BIGO SVIP BIGO Privileges SVIP Membership

If you want to become an SVIP user. Here you can upgrade your Bigo Live account and become an SVIP user to enjoy LIVE Rooms with many privileges such as (Special items, Mysterious Man, unban banned accounts, and many of privileges).


Verify Bigo Live Account

BIGO Verification Account Verification Green Tick Badge

BIGO LIVE Verification, Verify your Bigo Live account and obtain a green badge that can help prove you are an authentic person and protect your personal information from becoming impersonated by others.


Bigo Live Banned Account

Banned Account Restricted Account Unban Account

If your account has been banned. Here you can request to unban your Bigo Live banned account.


Remove Bigo Live Beans

Bigo Beans Remove Beans Delete Beans

Remove Bigo Live Beans, you can remove the beans from Bigo Live profile and return like a supported account without beans received.


Bigo Live Host / Streamer Registration

Bigo Host Bigo Streamer Become Bigo Host

BIGO LIVE Host. become Bigo Live host and earn money from Bigo Live. Hosts on Bigo Live can earn a huge salary on a monthly base.


Change Bigo Live ID

BIGO ID Reset Bigo ID Numerical Bigo ID

Change BIGO ID. If you already changed your BIGO ID once, you can change it again whether to fix miswriting, have a new BIGO ID, or reverse to the original BIGO ID as numerical.


Frozen Balance - Bigo Live Wallet

Bigo Beans Frozen Balance Frozen Diamonds

If your account balance has been frozen for any reason, here you can know why and how to fix that you can't send diamonds or exchange your beans.


Delete BIGO Account

Delete Account Remove Bigo Account Aeletion

If you want to delete your account permanently and erase all your information on Bigo Live, here you can submit your request to delete your Bigo account and start the deletion process.


Download Bigo Live App APK

Download Bigo Install Bigo Bigo APK

If you would like to download Bigo Live as an APK file and install it on any Android devices that may not support Google Play or facing issues with installation. here you can find all Bigo Live versions as APK files.




Learn more about Bigo Live App, how it works, how to make money, and whether is safe or not.


About BIGO Families

About BIGO Bigo families Bigo Family

Learn more about Bigo Families, how to join families on Bigo Live, and how to start your own bigo family.


About BIGO Beans

About BIGO Bigo beans Bigo wallet

Learn more about BIGO Beans and what they are, how to use them, how to exchange them, and how to cash them out for money. Everything about BIGO Beans.



About BIGO BIGO Log in BIGO Sign in

Learn how to log in to BIGO LIVE app, login methods, mobile login, desktop login, and login information.


Bigo Fan Medal

Account Issues Remove Fan Medal Bigo Fame Group

Change or remove your fan medal from your BIGO LIVE account.


Buy BIGO SVIP Points

BIGO SVIP Membership SVIP Points BIGO SVIP Points

You can now purchase SVIP Points for your SVIP Membership without needing to recharge your account diamonds to get a few points.

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