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Bigo Live Customer Service

You can recover your account, change your phone number, start a family, or recover a banned account. All services you need on Bigo Live are listed below.


Buy Bigo Live Account

Guaranteed Instant Pay Fast Delivery

You can now buy Bigo Live Accounts with any level that is available for sale, SVIP Accounts, and Supporter Accounts. Pay instantly or via local bank transfer easily.


Recover Bigo Live Account

Bigo Log in Retrieve Account Recover Account

If you lost your account, hacked or stolen. You can recover it as soon as possible from here.


Change Bigo Live Phone Number

Phone Number Retrieve Account Recover Account

If your phone number has been deactivated, lost, or can't reach it. You can change it to a new phone number so you can receive a verification code whether to log in or to secure your account.


Create Bigo Live Family

Bigo Family Create Family on Bigo Bigo Families

If you want to start your own Bigo Family, you can create one from here in a few steps and invite your friends on Bigo Live to join you.


Activate Bigo SVIP

BIGO SVIP BIGO Privileges SVIP Membership

If you want Bigo SVIP Privileges and get all Bigo benefits, you can activate your SVIP membership from here and enjoy Bigo Live with full Privileges and Benefits.


Verify Bigo Live Account

BIGO Verification Account Verification Green Tick Badge

Verify your Bigo Live account and obtain for green tick, protect your account, your personal information, your name, and your pictures on Bigo Live - Verify Bigo Live Account.


Bigo Live Banned Account

Banned Account Restricted Account Unban Account

If your account has been banned for any reason, you can unbanned it from here and recover your account to normal status.


Remove Bigo Live Beans

Bigo Beans Remove Beans Delete Beans

If you have a supporter (Gifter) account and someone sent you beans, you can remove the beans from here and make it 0 beans received on your profile.


Bigo Live Agency Registration

Bigo Agency Bigo Agent Bigo Agencies

If you want to start your own agency and recruit hosts to earn extra money, here you can submit your application for Bigo Agency.


Bigo Live Host / Streamer Registration

Bigo Host Bigo Streamer Become Bigo Host

If you want to become Bigo Host (Streamer) and earn extra money, here you can submit your application to become a host and earn money from your viewer's gifts.


Change Bigo Live ID

BIGO ID Reset Bigo ID Numerical Bigo ID

If you have changed your BIGO ID and want to reset it to a numerical Bigo id or change it to a different name, here you can submit your request to reset it to a numerical id, which you can change it anytime to any id you like.


Frozen Balance - Bigo Live Wallet

Bigo Beans Frozen Balance Frozen Diamonds

If your account balance has been frozen for any reason, here you can know why and how to fix that you can't send diamonds or exchange your beans.


Delete BIGO Account

Delete Account Remove Bigo Account Aeletion

If you want to delete your account permanently and erase all your information on Bigo Live, here you can submit your request to delete your Bigo account and start the deletion process.


Download Bigo Live App APK

Download Bigo Install Bigo Bigo APK

If you would like to download Bigo Live as an APK file and install it on any Android devices that may not support Google Play or facing issues with installation. here you can find all Bigo Live versions as APK files.




Learn more about Bigo Live App, how it works, how to make money, and whether is safe or not.


About BIGO Families

About BIGO Bigo families Bigo Family

Learn more about Bigo Families, how to join families on Bigo Live, and how to start your own bigo family.


About BIGO Beans

About BIGO Bigo beans Bigo wallet

Learn more about BIGO Beans and what they are, how to use them, how to exchange them, and how to cash them out for money. Everything about BIGO Beans.



About BIGO BIGO Log in BIGO Sign in

Learn how to log in to BIGO LIVE app, login methods, mobile login, desktop login, and login information.

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