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Customer Services - Bigo Live Help:

Introduction: Bigo Live customer services help you recovering account, changing phone number, create family group, start agency, buy bigo live account, unblock banned account. check our services list below and choose the service you need.
We are availabe 24/7 around the clock to help you.

Bigo Live Account For Sale:

Now you can Buy Bigo Live Account, we have many accounts available for sale with different levels 34, 36, 38, 45, 46 and more. SVIP accounts, Sender accounts, Supporter accounts and host accounts.

Recover Bigo Live Account:

If you lost access to your Bigo Live account whether it has been hacked, lost, stolen or created new account by mistake. You can retrieve your account and get access to it again.

Change Bigo Live Phone Number:

If you lost your phone number whether it has been lost, can't receive verification code or not active anymore. you can change it to a new phone number.

Create Bigo Live Family Group:

If you want to create your own Family in Bigo Live, you start Bigo Family now and invite your friends to join you and have fun together.

SVIP Membership in Bigo Live:

Subscribe for SVIP membership in Bigo Live. Become SVIP member to enjoy the unique and exclusive privileges of Bigo Live. Subscribe now for Bigo VIP and SVIP.

Bigo Live Banned Account:

If your Bigo Live Account got banned because you break the rules or any reason, you can remove the ban and back to Bigo Live to have fun again.

Remove Bigo Live Beans:

You can now remove beans from your Bigo Live account and make your profile clean with 0 beans received.

Bigo Live Host Registration:

Start working in Bigo Live as a broadcaster and earn monthly salary may reach upto $1500.

Bigo Live Agency Registration:

Start working with Bigo Live as an Agency and bring new hosts to earn monthly commission from %20 to %30 of each host upto 50,000 USD per month and more.

Change Bigo ID - Reset BIGO ID:

If you changed your BIGO ID, you can request another chance and reset your BIGO ID to the original numerical ID, that will give you another chance to set your custom Bigo ID again.

Download Bigo Live App APK:

Here you can download all Bigo Live versions whether latest or older versions. Bigo Live Huawei versions are available.

What is Bigo Live ?

Learn more about Bigo Live, how it works, how to make money, how to go live and is it safe for minors or not.

What is Family in Bigo Live ?

Learn more about Bigo Live families, what is bigo live family, how to join families in Bigo and, how to get a family badge and how to leave Bigo Family.

Frozen Balance - Bigo Live Wallet

Learn how to unfreeze Bigo Live balance, why diamonds and beans are frozen, what are the reasons for frozen balance in Bigo Live and how to fix that.

How to delete bigo live account ?

Learn how to delete a bigo live account in a few steps. How to delete my Bigo Live account permanently, how to delete personal information in Bigo Live and how to remove your account from Bigo Live.