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The Advantages of Registering Your Agency to Recruit Hosts on Bigo Live

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Maximizing Revenue:
The Advantages of Registering Your Agency to Recruit Hosts on Bigo Live

In the realm of live streaming, Bigo Live has emerged as a powerful platform that not only connects people globally but also provides lucrative opportunities for agencies to recruit hosts. Registering your agency with Bigo Live opens the door to a world of benefits, from expanding your talent pool to unlocking various avenues for revenue generation. In this article, we will explore the advantages of recruiting hosts on Bigo Live and how it can pave the way for easy and substantial earnings.

Diverse Talent Pool:

Bigo Live boasts a diverse community of talented individuals from around the world. By registering your agency with the platform, you gain access to a vast talent pool of potential hosts with unique skills and engaging personalities. This diversity allows your agency to cater to a broad audience and meet the varied preferences of viewers.

Monetization Through Virtual Gifts:

Recruiting hosts on Bigo Live offers a direct path to monetization through the platform's virtual gifting system. Viewers can send virtual gifts to hosts during live streams, and these gifts can be converted into real money. As an agency, you earn a percentage of the revenue generated through virtual gifts, providing a straightforward and effective way to make money.

Commission and Revenue Sharing:

Bigo Live encourages agency-host partnerships by offering commission and revenue-sharing models. As an agency, you can negotiate terms with your recruited hosts, earning a percentage of their earnings on the platform. This creates a symbiotic relationship where both the agency and hosts benefit financially, fostering a collaborative and mutually rewarding partnership.

Incentives and Bonuses:

To incentivize top-performing hosts, Bigo Live often runs promotions and challenges with cash prizes and bonuses. As an agency, you can motivate your hosts to participate in these events, enhancing their visibility and potentially earning additional income through rewards and incentives.

Exclusive Partnerships and Sponsorships:

By recruiting hosts with unique and marketable skills, your agency opens the door to exclusive partnerships and sponsorships. Brands and advertisers often seek collaboration with popular hosts to promote their products or services. This can result in additional revenue streams for both the host and the agency, creating opportunities for long-term financial success.

Customized Content and Themes:

Bigo Live allows agencies to work closely with hosts to create customized content and themes. Tailoring live streams to specific interests and trends can attract a dedicated audience, increasing engagement and, subsequently, the potential for monetization. The ability to curate content based on audience preferences enhances the overall viewing experience and strengthens the host-agency relationship.

Real-Time Analytics and Insights:

Bigo Live provides real-time analytics and insights that enable agencies to track the performance of their recruited hosts. This data includes viewer demographics, engagement metrics, and revenue statistics. Armed with this information, agencies can make informed decisions, refine their strategies, and optimize their monetization efforts.


Registering your agency to recruit hosts on Bigo Live offers a wealth of benefits, ranging from diverse talent acquisition to innovative monetization avenues. By leveraging the platform's features, your agency can not only build a strong roster of hosts but also create sustainable revenue streams. The combination of a dynamic talent pool, direct monetization options, and collaborative partnerships makes Bigo Live a prime platform for agencies looking to thrive in the live streaming landscape. Embrace the potential of recruiting hosts on Bigo Live, and watch as your agency and hosts flourish in the world of digital entertainment.

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