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Account Recovery Guide

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Recover Your Bigo Live Account

Welcome to the Bigo Live Account Recovery Page. If you're having trouble accessing your Bigo Live account, don't worry – we're here to help you recover it. Follow the steps below to regain access and get back to Bigo Live and enjoying Live Rooms.

Step 1: Visit the Account Recovery Page

Navigate to our dedicated . This page is designed to assist users in recovering their accounts securely.

Step 2: Recovery Form

Click on the Contact Us button and it will redirect you the the Contact Us page, where you can simply submit a recovery form or message our support team on WhatsApp for instant help.

Step 3: Fill Out The Recovery Form

On the recovery form enter your real information such as your real name, WhatsApp number, and Email. You must provide real information not nicknames or invalid WhatsApp numbers, because our support team won't be able to reach you and provide the appropriate help you asking for.

Step 4: Reason For Contact Us

Choose the correct reason that is related to your issue. For example: if you lost your Bigo Live account choose "Recover Account" but if your account was banned then choose "Banned Account". Choosing the wrong reason won't get you the help you need, it will delay the response more than usual so take a second to choose the reason carefully.

Step 5: Content Of Message Box

Write your message briefly and in detail, and include important information that is related to your Bigo Live account such as the registered phone number, date and time of losing the account, and explain how you lost your account is it lost or someone hacked it. Such information helps us understand your issues and help you much better especially if you have lost assets like Diamonds and Beans or abuse actions happen on your account while lost.

Step 6: How To Get Your Account Recovered Successfully

When our support team reaches you on WhatsApp that means we are handling your issue in real time, any delay in your responses may result in a delay in resolving your issue. Make sure that you are aware of the service details before submitting the recovery request which are the details already described on the recovery page including service fees and estimated time of successful recovery account.

You must clearly understand that we are serving many users at the same time around the clock which means 24/7 support. Our responses are professional which means it may not be as your expected results. That means questions from your side such as "Why should I pay for this service" or "Why are you not answering my calls" may get ignored. Those questions are already covered on the recovery page and you should already read them before messaging our support team. Also, our support team can't pick up your calls since our system doesn't support this function.

Step 7: Your Bigo Live Account Got Recovered Successfully

Those steps must be considered once your Bigo Live account has been recovered successfully. And can help protect your account in the future.

  1. Changing your password: Once you log in to your Bigo Live account, change your current password, this step must regularly happen every few months to avoid any potential compromise of your password.
  2. Never share your Bigo Live account: You are responsible for your account usage which means if you share your account with someone else and get banned or you lose account assets such as Dimaonds and Beans, you will take responsibility for that.
  3. Don't give your account information: Do not give anyone your linked phone number, email, linked social accounts, or password, and the most important one is not to share the verification code with anyone even if they pretend as one of Bigo Live support team. If you facing a similar situation you can simply reach us directly via the contact page and choose WhatsApp to get a fast response and get confirmation about the person who pretends as Bigo Live official team before sharing any information with that person.

Additional Tips

  • You can use the top menu to find which service you looking for, that way you can understand the service and read the details which may answer the questions that you need before asking for help.
  • Each service we provide to you has been described in detail, take a minute to read it carefully before requesting a service, that will make requesting the service more easily for you and get positive results.
  • Our support team typically responds or reaches you within hours, make sure that you have described your message in detail including your BIGO ID, and any related information that we may need. This way, we can understand the issues you are facing and get you a fast response and help.

Contact Bigo Live Support

If you encounter any difficulties during the account recovery process or need more help with your account, please contact our support team at Contact Us.

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