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Agency LLC Company

Bigo Live Agency LLC Company is a top level of agencies on Bigo Live, it allows you to expand your agency to the world under your own rules and regulations.

If you looking for an expanded agency that gain you profits everywhere, this type is exactly for you.

Agency LLC Company:

Unlike other types, an Agency LLC Company comes with your own company in the USA, Letting you work as an official company in the USA and the rest of the world.

Establishing your company in the USA:

Our official partners in the USA will handle the process and legal paperwork of establishing your LLC Company in the USA. This means you can rest assured about the process since we handle that for you.

Also, you can open bank accounts for your company in any country using your LLC Company certificate.

Bigo Live Agency Registration:

Your Bigo Live Agency will be registered as a company which means your agency will be linked to the company not to you in person. This will make your work official in the USA and the rest of the world without any restrictions or limits.

Recruiting hosts:

You will be able to make contracts between your company and the hosts under your rules and regulations. This will let you go forward and establish a branded agency that has its own contracts between the company and the hosts.

Pay to hosts:

As an Agency LLC Company, you will have the ability to pay the hosts through your company using your company payment options that you can set at any time. This will allow you to provide more payment options that are suitable for your hosts.

Selling Diamonds:

As an Agency LLC Company, you can sell Bigo Live diamonds to your customers whether they are your hosts or other users. This will make you scale your profits.

Customize your company:

You can Customize your LLC Company as you like. Connect your company to any platform or business without affecting your agency in Bigo Live which means you can be an agent in any other platform similar to Bigo Live without having any conflict between your Bigo Live Agency and other Agencies you have on other live stream platforms.

Full control over the company:

You will have full control over your company which means we won't involved in your company activities or how you use your company.

What does that mean? it means if you decide to revoke or close your Bigo Live Agency it won't affect your company and you can use your company as you like.

Fees and Requirements:

Creating your LLC company and registering your Bigo Live Agency cost 2950 USD for the first year. Then 100 USD company annual fees to keep your company running.

The annual fee is for your company to keep it running which means there are no annual fees for Bigo Live Agency since it's covered on the registration first time.

Registering your LLC Company may require additional information, unlike the requirements of Bigo Live Agency. To know more about the LLC Company requirements contact support team.

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