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To register and start your agency on Bigo Live, fill out the form below and pay registration fees as described below.

Agency Registration Form

Pay agency fees using Binance, CoinBase, Coins.ph, or any platform using USDT Currency to the wallet address below.
Wallet Address:
USDT - BNB Smart Chain (BEP20)

• Registration Fees:
Domestic Agency: 145 USDT
Regional Agency: 175 USDT
International Agency: 225 USDT
Diamonds Reseller Agency: 750 USDT

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By proceeding with the payment and/or request, you agree and acknowledge that the amount you pay is non-refundable and/or cancelable, in whole or in part, in any way. It is in exchange for a service that we carry out on your behalf and based on your request, and you do not have the right to claim a refund of the amount paid during the period of processing the request and/or after it is completed. Read the full payment policy for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is Bigo Live Agency?
It is a business method that allows others to work with Bigo Live and attract broadcasters from other platforms or existing users who want to earn money on Bigo Live by creating a daily live broadcast and interacting with the audience.
The agent gets a percentage of the profits for each host registered with the agency, which allows the agent to earn money on a monthly basis - more hosts you bring more profits you get.
Who can become an agent?
Any existing Bigo Live user can apply for agency registration and start working with Bigo Live once the agency is approved.
What is the difference between agencies?
Domestic Agency: allows you to recruit hosts in same your country.
Regional Agency: allows you to recruit hosts from your region's countries. Ex: European agents can recruit hosts from all European countries.
International Agency: allows you to recruit hosts from any country no matter in what region/country they live. Also, you can become a diamond reseller Agency at any time to increase your monthly income by applying again for a diamond seller agency.
Diamonds Reseller Agency: You will be registered as an international agency in default, which allows you to buy bulk of diamonds at the cheapest price and resell them at the market price besides the ability to recruit hosts as an international agency.
What is the agent profit percentage?
Domestic Agency: 20% profits each month per host.
Regional Agency: 25% profits each month per host.
International Agency: 30% profits each month per host.
Diamonds Reseller Agency: up to 40% profits per diamonds package - 30% profits each month per host.
What is the host profit percentage?
The hosts can get a monthly salary if they hit their monthly target, there are levels for the monthly target starting from 80$ for 10k of received beans besides the beans cash out.
The more the host hits the targets more the profits can get on a monthly basis.
Host targets cannot be disclosed unless you already registered your agency and get approved - you will be updated every month if there is a change in targets
How can I apply for agency registration?
Fill out the form above with your real information and pay the agency registration fees you chose then submit your request. Once the fees are paid, your application will be processed and sent for review to be approved.
NOTE: fees are paid for one time only, there are no fees monthly or annually. Fees must paid in advance before submitting your request.
How long does it take for review and approval?
All applications are reviewed and approved within 14 to 30 business days. But sometimes it may take longer than usual.
Usually, we don't reject any application unless the information you provided is incorrect. In such cases, we will contact you on WhatsApp or email directly to inform you that you have to apply again with your correct information.
NOTE: If your application has been rejected, you won't be required to pay the fees again, you will only have to submit the application again with the correct information.
Hosts review, audition date, and approval
Once your agency has been approved, you can sign up your hosts for an audition: When you sign up a new broadcaster in your agency it will be in review for 24 hours, and an audition date will be set after the 24 hours.
If the broadcaster completes the audition successfully, you will receive the approval within 24-48 hours, and the broadcaster can start official broadcasting after the approval.
If the broadcaster fails in the audition or didn't make it on time, you can as the agency owner set a new audition date within 24 hours and it will be set for the next month.
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