Buy Bigo Live Account

To buy a Bigo Live Account, fill out the order form and make sure you read and understand the terms below.


  • Before submitting your order, you must be ready to pay within 60 minutes. We won't hold the account for you.
  • If you did not pay within the time, the order will be canceled and you will no longer be eligible to buy an account again.
  • Choose the payment method carefully. We don't allow changing payment after the order is submitted.
  • Do not ask for access to the account before paying, we don't give access to the account before receiving your payment. But you can ask for the Account ID to see the profile only.
  • Don't try to contact the agent or send messages to the account. We have full control of the accounts. Doing such things will cancel your order immediately without a second chance.
  • The Agent will receive your payment only. The appropriate agent will be ready to receive your payment based on your country and the payment method you choose. Otherwise, you can pay with Binance USDT.

If you understand these terms and agree to them, continue to submit your order.

Order Account Form


Any manipulation with your order or delay in paying the account price of more than 60 minutes. Order will be canceled permanently without the possibility of ordering again.

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